Yesenia + Gennaro | Downtown Wedding |Ft. Myers, Fl |Polly Bloom Photography

Gennaro and Yesenia vowed their vows to one another in front of family and friends who traveled from all around on April 23, 2016 at the Heitman House in Ft. Myers, FL. It was a destination wedding for them and they planned their day down to the smallest detail and boy was it beautiful!

These two were beyond adorable together and from our initial meeting it was clear that family was everything to them. I loved the way they incorporated their family into their day and made the day about not only the two of them and their marriage to one another but spending time with their guests. Yesenia had every detail covered, the flowers were beautiful and everything coordinated so perfectly, even down to her yellow shoes, which I loooove!








Mimosas, makeup, laughs and some happy tears started their day off as the ladies took over the upstairs rooms of the beautiful venue and the men were in the man cave getting ready and playing a game of pool. The couple’s first look brought tears to my eyes and they were just too adorable! THEN we piled in the limo for our photo tour with the wedding party in Downtown Ft. Myers. The streets were blocked off so we went to check out what was going on and it turned out we were entering the streets as an antique car show was setting up. The bride & groom immediately noticed a mint green Chevy displayed in all it’s glory, I asked the kind owner if we could grab a picture in front of his beautiful car and he was thrilled, then we heard the offer “would you like to get inside!?” The excitement and spontaneous perfection could not have been planed better and I’m pretty sure there was some cheering for the bride and groom from the sidewalks. I was over the moon happy for this beautiful and huge hearted couple.








2016-05-09_0019 2016-05-09_0018






















Their ceremony was absolutely beautiful and the smiles on their faces was priceless as they came down the aisle with rose petals thrown in the air. Their reception was filled with love laughs and everyone having a great time!

Congratulations Yesenia & Gennaro, I wish nothing but the best for the two of you and I thank you for having me there to document and be a part of your special special day!













2016-05-09_0055 2016-05-09_0056




2016-05-09_0057 2016-05-09_0058



Sarah & Andy | Laishley Park | Polly Bloom Photography

Sarah and Andy are such genuine, kind hearted people. As I sat with Sarah at our consultation months before their wedding I had to hold back tears as she told me her and Andy’s journey together, it was just so touching. It was fate that brought them together, they were just meant to be for so many reasons. Fast forward ahead to their wedding day their love radiated and you could see how much they meant to each other and how much their family meant to them.

Sarah and Andy got married at Laishley Park on a cloudy yet beautiful Saturday afternoon surrounded by their closest family and friends. Sarah along with her family and bridesmaids put their heart into decorating the venue and it turned out amazing. After the ceremony and cocktail hour the reception was filled with nothing but love for the bride and groom and between the bride and groom and of course tons of laughs and dancing! Thank you Sarah and Andy for having me there to celebrate and capture your special day!


















2016-04-10_0050 2016-04-10_0049











2016-04-10_0061 2016-04-10_0062


Hunter 6 Months | Polly Bloom Photography

I haven’t blogged in a while, but I thought this session would be the perfect session to come back with!

Back in September I did this little guy’s newborn session {remember the little baby fox!?}, if you’d like to check out the cuteness from his newborn session you can click here. Last week we spent the morning together for a mommy and me session for Hunter’s 6 month session {since he’s a momma’s boy and all} and it was so magical. His cute little rolls and chunky cheeks are just too much to handle so I won’t blabber on and let you see just how adorable he is and how beautiful his momma is!

PS: keep a look out for some new and exciting things coming to PBP as well as some “Mommy & Me” mini sessions soon!






Such a momma’s boy!







How beautiful is she!!?


These suspenders and that hat…..cuteness O V E R L O A D!










Lifestyle Newborn: Camden | Polly Bloom Photography

Back in November I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing this incredibly sweet family for Jenna’s maternity session. A couple months later, just before Christmas day, they welcomed their second baby boy into a world of love and I was welcomed into their hospital room to capture the first special moments of their son and their new family of four. Then when Camden was just 7 days new we did this lifestyle newborn session in their home. This session was so much fun, their home was beautifully decorated for Christmas {so how could we not do a few Christmas set ups in front of their tree}, it was warm and cozy and I was just amazed at the artwork Jenna’s father put on the walls for their son’s playroom & their oldest son’s fire station bedroom {dad is a firefighter and this bedroom is beyond awesome!} . Dad took care of getting Camden’s room together and to say the least I was super impressed with the awesome job he did! After some awake shots of the star of our show, mom got a good feeding in and he didn’t wake up for the rest of the session, he was an absolute dream and big brother loved snuggling him and singing Christmas songs to him! This session was the perfect way to wrap up 2015 over here at PBP and it was such a pleasure meeting this family back in November and I’ve enjoyed capturing and being a part of this special journey for them and I look forward to watching this sweet family grow.

If you’d like to read about their maternity & just born sessions you can do so here & here!

2016-01-10_0006 2016-01-10_0026

 Did I mention Dad is a firefighter!?  2016-01-10_0002

2016-01-10_0004 2016-01-10_0003 2016-01-10_0005 2016-01-10_0007 2016-01-10_0010 2016-01-10_0009 2016-01-10_0008

Their dog has such personality and loves those boys so much. 2016-01-10_0011 2016-01-10_0013 2016-01-10_0012 2016-01-10_0014 2016-01-10_0016


Generation Photo Session | Koreshan State Historic Site | Polly Bloom Photography

It had been years since these four beautiful ladies were all in a photo together so I was thrilled when my dear friend, Danielle, came to me to do this session for them. This session was full of laughs and I loved seeing them all together, you can see their love for one another. I was also recently Danielle & her husband’s first anniversary {if you remember I did their engagement session last year} so he came along for the fun as well!

2016-01-03_0001 2016-01-03_0002 2016-01-03_0003 2016-01-03_0004 2016-01-03_0013 2016-01-03_0014 2016-01-03_0005 2016-01-03_0012

2016-01-03_0010 2016-01-03_0009 2016-01-03_0008 2016-01-03_0015 2016-01-03_0007 2016-01-03_0011

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Just Born: Camden | Polly Bloom Photography

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas, I know we sure did, and I’m sure this family did as well as they got go bring home their baby boy on Christmas Eve. Does anyone remember this momma’s maternity session? If you’d like to take a look you can go here!

 Just a few days before Christmas, little Camden was brought into the world and born into such love. I was on pins and needles when I got the text that mom was in labor and couldn’t wait to meet this new little guy and see his family again for their just born {fresh 48} session! This session was so full emotion and love, specially when big brother met his baby brother for the first time. I was honored to be part of such a special moment for this family and I’m looking forward to our lifestyle newborn session in a few days!

Congratulations Givens Family!

2016-01-06_0001 2016-01-06_0002 2016-01-06_0003 2016-01-06_0004 2016-01-06_0005 2016-01-06_0006 2016-01-06_0007 2016-01-06_0008 2016-01-06_0009 2016-01-06_0010 2016-01-06_0011 2016-01-06_0012

Senior Portraits | Kaitlin | Koreshan State Park |Polly Bloom Photography

I just can not get over how beautiful and fun this senior portrait session was! With this being her first time having professional photos taken, I’m sure it felt awkward at first but within minutes she was already completely rocking her session {as you can tell}! Kaitlin,  I hope you  have an amazing rest of her senior year and happiness and success in the future!

2015-12-22_0001 2015-12-22_0002

And of course we had to get some shots of her and her sister!

2015-12-22_0003 2015-12-22_0004 2015-12-22_0005

2015-12-22_0006 2015-12-22_0007 2015-12-22_0008 2015-12-22_0009 2015-12-22_0010 2015-12-22_0011

The Forrest Country Club Wedding | Laura & Javier

It was a beautiful November day here in SWFL, the perfect day for a wedding! From the start of the day until the bride and groom made their grand exit and drove off for the night as husband & wife you could feel that the love between the two of them was pure, deep and true.

The Forrest Country Club was where Laura and Javier vowed their vows to one another and celebrated their marriage with family and friends. It was a beautiful day filled with love, tears of joy, fun, laughter and dancing, {a lot of dancing}! It was clear how close they were to their families and friends and how special it was to have them all there to celebrate such an special day for the two of them. It was such a pleasure meeting these two and their families and I was honored to be a part of their day.

2015-12-09_0033 2015-12-09_0030 2015-12-09_0029 2015-12-09_0027 2015-12-09_0031 2015-12-09_0032 2015-12-09_0035 2015-12-09_0042 2015-12-09_0043 2015-12-09_0044 2015-12-09_0046 2015-12-09_0038 2015-12-09_0037 2015-12-09_0047 2015-12-09_0039 2015-12-09_0048 2015-12-09_0040 2015-12-09_0049 2015-12-09_0034 2015-12-09_0045 2015-12-09_0036 2015-12-09_0050 2015-12-09_0041 2015-12-09_0026 2015-12-09_0051 2015-12-09_0052 2015-12-09_0053 2015-12-09_0059 2015-12-09_0061 2015-12-09_0060 2015-12-09_0062 2015-12-09_0063 2015-12-09_0054 2015-12-09_0055 2015-12-09_0064 2015-12-09_0056 2015-12-09_0058 2015-12-09_0057 2015-12-09_0065 2015-12-09_0066 2015-12-09_0067 2015-12-09_0068 2015-12-09_0069 2015-12-09_0071 2015-12-09_0070 2015-12-09_0072 2015-12-09_0094 2015-12-09_0073 2015-12-09_0074 2015-12-09_0075 2015-12-09_0076 2015-12-09_0077 2015-12-09_0078 2015-12-09_0079 2015-12-09_0080 2015-12-09_0081 2015-12-09_0082 2015-12-09_0083 2015-12-09_0084 2015-12-09_0085 2015-12-09_0086 2015-12-09_0087 2015-12-09_0088 2015-12-09_0089 2015-12-09_0091 2015-12-09_0090 2015-12-09_0092


Family Session | Lakes Park: Poppell Family

Isn’t this family absolutely adorable

I loved meeting them earlier this year during the Easter mini sessions and I was thrilled to be doing a full family session for them now, one of the many perks of my job is the relationships I get to build with the families that I photograph and having the opportunity to watch them grow!

I adored the vintage inspired outfits mom pieced together with the suspenders & golf hats for the guys and little miss’ fur vest, they were just so perfect! Their outfits coordinated perfectly with the Lakes Park location and the kids loved their outfits as well {which made it a super bonus}! The smiles, giggles and fun started right off the bat and from start to finish this session was just amazing. I love capturing little moments between siblings and these two must have known it because they were just too stinking adorable together, their entire family was!

Lakes-Park-family-session-1 Lakes-Park-family-session-2 Lakes-Park-family-session-3


Gah!! Are they not the cutest you have ever seen!?


2015-12-07_0006 2015-12-07_0007

This may have been my favorite part of the session. I brought along this antique gem I have in my collection of, well everything, I thought it would be so cute and fun for the kids to get a chance to play with it. To say the least, they LOVED it and it turned out to be the perfect accent in their session!

2015-12-07_0008 2015-12-07_0012 2015-12-07_0011

This is a shot I try to get at every family session, Mom & Dad. Having photos of them together is just as important as having images of the kids together, they are the anchor and the reason there is a family session and just like they will look back at memories of their family and their children, they will be able to look back and the two of their’s as well.

2015-12-07_0010 2015-12-07_0013

Family Session | North Ft. Myers

This session was so much fun! I was warmly welcomed to this family’s farm home where the ducks waddled freely, the horses enjoyed the breeze and their goat, Lucy, was being the cutest goat ever {which seems to be her daily routine}. This family’s bond was undeniable and I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to photograph them together.


2015-11-30_0006 2015-11-30_0001 2015-11-30_0007 2015-11-30_0009
And a Happy Anniversary to these two! 2015-11-30_0005
He was such an amazing big cousin to her, you could tell they have an unbreakable bond and she just absolutely adores him!  2015-11-30_0008


This family absolutely love their animals and have a passion for their farm. Lucy, the adorable goat, was jumping around and even gets rides in the golf cart she is spoiled and she knows it too!! They are the owners of Tail’s End Farm and you can tell they love what they do, I had an absolute blast during this session!