Lifestyle Newborn: Camden | Polly Bloom Photography

Back in November I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing this incredibly sweet family for Jenna’s maternity session. A couple months later, just before Christmas day, they welcomed their second baby boy into a world of love and I was welcomed into their hospital room to capture the first special moments of their son and their new family of four. Then when Camden was just 7 days new we did this lifestyle newborn session in their home. This session was so much fun, their home was beautifully decorated for Christmas {so how could we not do a few Christmas set ups in front of their tree}, it was warm and cozy and I was just amazed at the artwork Jenna’s father put on the walls for their son’s playroom & their oldest son’s fire station bedroom {dad is a firefighter and this bedroom is beyond awesome!} . Dad took care of getting Camden’s room together and to say the least I was super impressed with the awesome job he did! After some awake shots of the star of our show, mom got a good feeding in and he didn’t wake up for the rest of the session, he was an absolute dream and big brother loved snuggling him and singing Christmas songs to him! This session was the perfect way to wrap up 2015 over here at PBP and it was such a pleasure meeting this family back in November and I’ve enjoyed capturing and being a part of this special journey for them and I look forward to watching this sweet family grow.

If you’d like to read about their maternity & just born sessions you can do so here & here!

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 Did I mention Dad is a firefighter!?  2016-01-10_0002

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Their dog has such personality and loves those boys so much. 2016-01-10_0011 2016-01-10_0013 2016-01-10_0012 2016-01-10_0014 2016-01-10_0016


Just Born: Camden | Polly Bloom Photography

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas, I know we sure did, and I’m sure this family did as well as they got go bring home their baby boy on Christmas Eve. Does anyone remember this momma’s maternity session? If you’d like to take a look you can go here!

 Just a few days before Christmas, little Camden was brought into the world and born into such love. I was on pins and needles when I got the text that mom was in labor and couldn’t wait to meet this new little guy and see his family again for their just born {fresh 48} session! This session was so full emotion and love, specially when big brother met his baby brother for the first time. I was honored to be part of such a special moment for this family and I’m looking forward to our lifestyle newborn session in a few days!

Congratulations Givens Family!

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Beach Maternity Session | Jenna | Polly Bloom Photography

This family will be welcoming a baby boy into the world around Christmas and I am thrilled for them. There is so much love between the three of them and it is obviously clear that this is already one incredibly loved little boy. The beach was beautiful the evening of our session and the sky seemed to have put on a show at sunset, I think big brother’s favorite part was being able to play in the water… his clothes! I mean what kid wouldn’t love that!?

I am super excited to have the privilege to capture and document this journey for them. They will be parents of one becoming parents of two, a sweet little boy gaining the pride and responsibility of being a big brother, and best of all, this incredibly sweet family being blessed with more joy and love. I can’t wait to meet their little prince and continue to watch this family grow!


This is their thing and I absolutely LOVE it!


I kid you not, this image on the right was NOT planned. He was either over being bit by the mosquitoes or truly wasn’t cool with the kissing, either way it was perfect timing!

2015-11-15_0006 2015-11-15_0003 2015-11-15_0007

How beautiful is this momma!?

2015-11-15_0008 2015-11-15_0009 2015-11-15_0011 2015-11-15_0012

A little pull back on the right of what goes on during sessions with toddlers!




Can you see the love I’m talking about!?

2015-11-15_0014 2015-11-15_0015

Newborn Session | Caleb | Polly Bloom Photography

Oh sweet baby Caleb, how snuggly and sweet you are! It was such a pleasure photographing him, he was a dream off in dream land pretty much his entire session. He showed up to his session ready to play, he was wide away kicking away so we wasted no time and made sure to get some shots with his eyes open and good thing we did because as soon as he ate he was sound asleep the rest of the session {which is what we like for those squishy newborn poses}.


2015-11-10_0005 2015-11-10_0008 2015-11-10_0009

2015-11-10_0011 2015-11-10_0004

Mom & Dad brought the cutest Yoda & Mario outfits so of course we had to have fun with them!

2015-11-10_0002 2015-11-10_0003
2015-11-10_0015 2015-11-10_0012
This is one loved little precious boy and such a beautiful family

2015-11-10_0007 2015-11-10_0013 2015-11-10_0006
2015-11-10_0010 2015-11-10_0014

Hunter’s Newborn Session | Cape Coral Newborn Photographer |

Here he is! Remember back in June that beautiful momma in a field? If not, you can check out her sneak peeks on my Facebook page herehere and here.

Mr. Hunter was born on September 4th and I am absolutely thrilled for this family, it’s obvious he is loved to the moon and back and I’m so happy to have had the pleasure of documenting this family’s journey since the day they found out the third baby and baby sibling of two sweet girls was going to be a boy. This little guy made me work during his session, I’m pretty sure he peed on everyone in the room but oh. my. goodness he was just so snuggly and precious and his yawns, ohhh my how adorable they were (btw, I love the baby yawns) and the session turned out just perfect!


His two older sisters joined us for the morning and they are so gentle and sweet with him and absolutely adore him! I LOVE sibling portraits and I feel like it’s so important to have.


Just like sibling images, I feel like parent & newborn portraits are just as important and special.



Details, details, details. They are only this small one day because tomorrow they will be another day older and would have grown even if it was the smallest amount. Capture these moments, capture their tiny little toes, their hands, their tiny little lashes and their peach fuzzed cheeks.




The fox, I just can’t handle the adorableness. It’s perfect since this is the theme of his nursery & was the theme of his baby shower.