Family Session | Lakes Park: Poppell Family

Isn’t this family absolutely adorable

I loved meeting them earlier this year during the Easter mini sessions and I was thrilled to be doing a full family session for them now, one of the many perks of my job is the relationships I get to build with the families that I photograph and having the opportunity to watch them grow!

I adored the vintage inspired outfits mom pieced together with the suspenders & golf hats for the guys and little miss’ fur vest, they were just so perfect! Their outfits coordinated perfectly with the Lakes Park location and the kids loved their outfits as well {which made it a super bonus}! The smiles, giggles and fun started right off the bat and from start to finish this session was just amazing. I love capturing little moments between siblings and these two must have known it because they were just too stinking adorable together, their entire family was!

Lakes-Park-family-session-1 Lakes-Park-family-session-2 Lakes-Park-family-session-3


Gah!! Are they not the cutest you have ever seen!?


2015-12-07_0006 2015-12-07_0007

This may have been my favorite part of the session. I brought along this antique gem I have in my collection of, well everything, I thought it would be so cute and fun for the kids to get a chance to play with it. To say the least, they LOVED it and it turned out to be the perfect accent in their session!

2015-12-07_0008 2015-12-07_0012 2015-12-07_0011

This is a shot I try to get at every family session, Mom & Dad. Having photos of them together is just as important as having images of the kids together, they are the anchor and the reason there is a family session and just like they will look back at memories of their family and their children, they will be able to look back and the two of their’s as well.

2015-12-07_0010 2015-12-07_0013

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