Yesenia + Gennaro | Downtown Wedding |Ft. Myers, Fl |Polly Bloom Photography

Gennaro and Yesenia vowed their vows to one another in front of family and friends who traveled from all around on April 23, 2016 at the Heitman House in Ft. Myers, FL. It was a destination wedding for them and they planned their day down to the smallest detail and boy was it beautiful!

These two were beyond adorable together and from our initial meeting it was clear that family was everything to them. I loved the way they incorporated their family into their day and made the day about not only the two of them and their marriage to one another but spending time with their guests. Yesenia had every detail covered, the flowers were beautiful and everything coordinated so perfectly, even down to her yellow shoes, which I loooove!








Mimosas, makeup, laughs and some happy tears started their day off as the ladies took over the upstairs rooms of the beautiful venue and the men were in the man cave getting ready and playing a game of pool. The couple’s first look brought tears to my eyes and they were just too adorable! THEN we piled in the limo for our photo tour with the wedding party in Downtown Ft. Myers. The streets were blocked off so we went to check out what was going on and it turned out we were entering the streets as an antique car show was setting up. The bride & groom immediately noticed a mint green Chevy displayed in all it’s glory, I asked the kind owner if we could grab a picture in front of his beautiful car and he was thrilled, then we heard the offer “would you like to get inside!?” The excitement and spontaneous perfection could not have been planed better and I’m pretty sure there was some cheering for the bride and groom from the sidewalks. I was over the moon happy for this beautiful and huge hearted couple.








2016-05-09_0019 2016-05-09_0018






















Their ceremony was absolutely beautiful and the smiles on their faces was priceless as they came down the aisle with rose petals thrown in the air. Their reception was filled with love laughs and everyone having a great time!

Congratulations Yesenia & Gennaro, I wish nothing but the best for the two of you and I thank you for having me there to document and be a part of your special special day!













2016-05-09_0055 2016-05-09_0056




2016-05-09_0057 2016-05-09_0058



Newborn Session | Caleb | Polly Bloom Photography

Oh sweet baby Caleb, how snuggly and sweet you are! It was such a pleasure photographing him, he was a dream off in dream land pretty much his entire session. He showed up to his session ready to play, he was wide away kicking away so we wasted no time and made sure to get some shots with his eyes open and good thing we did because as soon as he ate he was sound asleep the rest of the session {which is what we like for those squishy newborn poses}.


2015-11-10_0005 2015-11-10_0008 2015-11-10_0009

2015-11-10_0011 2015-11-10_0004

Mom & Dad brought the cutest Yoda & Mario outfits so of course we had to have fun with them!

2015-11-10_0002 2015-11-10_0003
2015-11-10_0015 2015-11-10_0012
This is one loved little precious boy and such a beautiful family

2015-11-10_0007 2015-11-10_0013 2015-11-10_0006
2015-11-10_0010 2015-11-10_0014

Cake Smash: Bella Rose | Ft. Myers Photographer | Polly Bloom Photography

Oh Miss Bella and your super cuteness, I just can’t handle it!

I have known and been friends with this beauty’s momma since high school and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to share such a fun and happy time for this family. We sang, we danced, the birthday girl enjoyed smashing her cake between her fingers and the during the suds part of our session, she danced so hard she toppled out of the tub, the tub could not handle her awesome moves {don’t worry, she was 100% okay}. Oh, and we got poured on by the torrential Florida downpour, that was oddly freezing, but the laughs and fun that came out of us huddled under the trees trying to keep as dry as possible were totally worth it!

Bella has SO much personality already and her dance moves can’t be beat! What a magical session this was, I can’t wait to deliver their full gallery!



2015-10-11_0001 2015-10-11_0002 2015-10-11_0003 2015-10-11_0004 2015-10-11_0007 2015-10-11_0008 2015-10-11_0009 2015-10-11_0010 2015-10-11_0011

2015-10-11_0013 2015-10-11_0014

Cake Smash: Jeep | Cape Coral Photographer

“M.I.C.K.E.Y  M.O.U.S.E!”, come on, if you have kids or have been around them you know you’re singing it!

Here’s another one of PBP’s newborns, Jeep, who turning one and I can’t believe it! This guy and his family are dear friends and I am so happy to have the chance to capture such precious moments for them! I have been photographing this family’s journey since this little guy was in his momma’s belly and I have just loved watching him grow! You can take a peek at this guys’s journey herehere & here

He loooves Mickey and the outfit and letters mom brought along were adorable and so fitting for his birthday session.

Don’t let that cute little serious face fool you, he loved his cake and the bubbles after! This session was a blast and I can’t wait to continue to watch this handsome guy grow!


2015-10-09_0002 2015-10-09_0003

Oh my goodness, I just can’t get over his adorableness!!! 2015-10-09_0004 2015-10-09_0005

He knows the best way to eat cake, who has time for hands!!? 2015-10-09_0006 2015-10-09_0007

His whole outfit from head to toe was just perfect for him. 2015-10-09_0008 2015-10-09_0009 2015-10-09_0010

And you can’t do a cake smash without some suds at the end!
2015-10-09_0011 2015-10-09_0012

Hunter’s Newborn Session | Cape Coral Newborn Photographer |

Here he is! Remember back in June that beautiful momma in a field? If not, you can check out her sneak peeks on my Facebook page herehere and here.

Mr. Hunter was born on September 4th and I am absolutely thrilled for this family, it’s obvious he is loved to the moon and back and I’m so happy to have had the pleasure of documenting this family’s journey since the day they found out the third baby and baby sibling of two sweet girls was going to be a boy. This little guy made me work during his session, I’m pretty sure he peed on everyone in the room but oh. my. goodness he was just so snuggly and precious and his yawns, ohhh my how adorable they were (btw, I love the baby yawns) and the session turned out just perfect!


His two older sisters joined us for the morning and they are so gentle and sweet with him and absolutely adore him! I LOVE sibling portraits and I feel like it’s so important to have.


Just like sibling images, I feel like parent & newborn portraits are just as important and special.



Details, details, details. They are only this small one day because tomorrow they will be another day older and would have grown even if it was the smallest amount. Capture these moments, capture their tiny little toes, their hands, their tiny little lashes and their peach fuzzed cheeks.




The fox, I just can’t handle the adorableness. It’s perfect since this is the theme of his nursery & was the theme of his baby shower.


Onnah’s Birthday Session | Cake Smash

Is she really turning ONE already? Back in March I did this cutie’s 6 month session, you can see her sneak peeks here and here and last week I had the absolute pleasure of photographing her just shy of a year old!  To say this sweet girl loved her cake and her entire session is an understatement, I think the pictures show for themselves how excited she is to be turning one {not sure her momma is as excited about her baby growing up so fast}. Her name, Onnahalih Grace, means “morning grace” and that sure rings true to who she is. She is smiley, happy, cuddly, funny, sweet, sassy and full of joy. Her and her family are so near and dear to my heart, I am so glad to have the opportunity to photograph her as she grows.


The cake and tutu were homemade by her mom and I even got to help decorating the cake!



It’s fun to be ONE….obviously!



CAKE! She thoroughly enjoyed it and loved having it ALL to herself.


And how could we NOT wash up in a tub of bubbles after all that!?